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Our CROSS-BODY STASH BAG is both functional and fashionable. The largest pocket of the bag is lined with activated carbon to contain scent, allowing you to stash away your goods or smoking accessories with a high degree of confidence in many environments. This bag features 4 pockets... one large scent-proof pocket, 2 smaller pockets below (that are not scent proof) that are great for other personal accessories such as lighters, wallets, or keys as well as a phone/other accessory pocket located at the top of the bag that features a magnetic button. This bag is perfect for events, travelling or everyday use. It functions perfectly with the rest of our products and has mesh pockets designed for both versions of our DUBI-TUBES or TRAVELER TRAYS.

1. Carbon Activated Material
2. Ergonomically Designed
3. Stylish
4. Luxurious Feel
5. Upscale Look
6. 9 x 12”
7. Adjustable
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