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Meet the INDUBIOUS grinder. This grinder has many innovative upgrades compared to the traditional grinder. For starters, it has built in storage up top where 2.5 grams can be stored. The grinder's shape matches the contour of the hands while in the grind position producing a comfortable grip. The other notable difference is the "Nug Zone". This makes the loading and grinding experience much easier and comfortable. This also proves to be especially useful with those who have dexterity issues.

It is made out of a aircraft grade aluminum alloy making it much lighter and more durable than the traditional steel grinder. The material also minimizes friction while grinding, which is a big issue among other grinders. Also, it will not corrode or oxidize making it ideal for many conditions, including humid or wet environments. This is one of the most innovative grinders on the market. The colors can be mixed and matched (when purchased separately).


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